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David Ridgeway, GM of Quest Franchising reveals what a franchise agreement means in the context of the accommodation industry.

How does it work?

A franchise agreement sets out the rights and obligations of both the franchisee and franchisor in the accommodation space. It is an important document between franchisee and franchisor that must be in place with any franchise in Australia, as dictated by the Franchise Code of Conduct, Australia.

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What are the key benefits that accommodation property owners can expect from entering into a franchise agreement?

There are several benefits, including access to Intellectual Property, established brand awareness and standards, training, systems and consumer trust and loyalty of the brand.

How does partnering with a recognised brand through a franchise agreement enhance the credibility and reputation of an accommodation property?

Partnering with a recognised, authentic brand will help to attract guests based on an established and recognisable set of brand and operational standards. A start up business will have no brand awareness or track record of success. Often, the business value is a by product of the brand’s credibility and reputation at delivering its promise to its customer base, and the quality of the business owner network.

Quest Geelong Central, Images courtesy of Quest

Can you provide insights into the level of support and resources that Quest offers to property owners under a franchise agreement?

Quest provides a robust level of support across all facets of the business, on a national brand level and local business level. All franchisees are supported by a locally based Franchise Relationship Manager (FRM), who offer business support and guidance via regular monthly meetings. Further assistance is provided across several departments, including marketing, sales, revenue management, general legal guidance and operations. We also provide support and guidance for trusted suppliers for refurbishments, general support and guidance for IT, finance, people and culture, and growth.

Are there specific criteria or qualifications that accommodation property owners should meet to be eligible for a franchise agreement with Quest?

Interested parties must complete our franchise selection process. This is an extensive and robust process with the goal of building an ongoing relationship with the potential franchisee, and for the franchisee to get to know Quest. The process includes seven stages starting with an application form; various profiling assessments, background checks, talking with existing franchisees, many conversations and presentations to ensure a cultural fit and alignment of business values as well as available capital.

Quest Collingwood

Do franchise agreements with Quest allow property owners to maintain some level of independence while benefiting from the brand association and support?

Quest franchisees ultimately run their businesses day-today, so they certainly have a level of independence (and accountability). Being part of the Quest Network provides access to the support and established systems mentioned above, which offers the best environment for franchisees

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