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Cracking the code: Accommodating after-hours arrivals

Steven Barnwell, Vintech Systems on why check-in kiosks have been a game-changer when it comes to after-hours arrivals

From weary travellers arriving late at night to business professionals with tight schedules, accommodating after-hours arrivals can be tricky to manage. However, it also presents opportunities for the savvy accommodation operator.

Technological advancements have reshaped late-night check-ins. Gone are the days of waiting in line at the front desk for a room key, check-in kiosks have been a game-changer when it comes to after-hours arrivals, offering a quick and hassle-free way for guests to access their guestroom. Whether stationed internally within the hotel lobby or placed externally for added convenience, self-service terminals empower guests to check in at their own pace.

By simply inputting their reservation details and payment information, guests can swiftly obtain their room keys, all while maintaining security and without compromising on service quality.

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With smartphones now indispensable for travellers, accommodation operators are also embracing mobile applications to enhance the check-in experience. Through dedicated apps, guests can complete the check-in process remotely, bypassing the need for face-to-face interaction on arrival. Additionally, the integration of digital keys enables guests to unlock their rooms directly from their smartphones, eliminating the hassle of traditional key cards.

Code-based access solutions represent another leap forward in after-hours arrivals.

Advanced door lock technology and key safes equipped with programmable codes offer guests unparalleled flexibility and convenience. With personalised codes, guests can securely access their accommodations at any time, without the need for staff assistance.

All these advances, not only reduce the workload of front desk staff but also streamline guest management and enhance operational efficiency. Moreover, the use of these systems enhances guest security and satisfies the demand for contactless experiences, aligning with health and safety concerns.

As technology continues to evolve, the future of after-hours arrivals holds even more promise. Emerging trends such as biometric verification and AI-driven guest identification are poised to further revolutionise access control. Biometric scanners, ranging from fingerprint recognition to facial authentication, offer heightened security measures while providing a seamless and personalised guest experience. Similarly, AI-driven algorithms can analyse guest behaviour patterns to anticipate their needs and preferences, further enhancing the overall stay experience.

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AccomNews reached out to accommodation door lock safety experts for ways to stay ahead of after-hours check-in trends.

 Steven Barnwell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Vintech Systems.

“Keyless entry systems, such as RFID or mobile key technology, offer unparalleled convenience for guests arriving both during standard business hours and late at night, ensuring a smooth check-in experience without the need for physical keys or staff assistance. Remote check-in options and self-service kiosks empower guests to complete the check-in process independently. This service is becoming the preferred option for the corporate and tech-savvy traveller.”

How can hotel lock systems integrate with check-in kiosks to enhance guest convenience while maintaining after-hours security standards?

“Hotel lock systems can seamlessly integrate with check-in kiosks through mobile key technology, real-time communication protocols, and robust identity verification measures. Mobile keys and cards generated at self-service kiosks are securely synchronised with the hotel’s lock system. This allows guests to access their rooms independently while upholding stringent security protocols of both the property and operating brand. User-friendly interfaces further enhance the guest experience, ensuring smooth and secure after-hours access.”

In what ways do after-hours hotel lock solutions contribute to streamlining hotel operations and improving the overall guest experience?

“This is achieved through both BLE and NFC technologies, enhancing security, providing 24/7 accessibility, optimising operational efficiencies and enabling personalised guest experiences. By automating access control processes, reducing staff dependency, and offering personalised service delivery, these solutions elevate guest satisfaction and loyalty while enhancing operational productivity and cost-effectiveness.

How can accommodations customise lock solutions to meet their unique needs and preferences?

“Accommodations can customise lock solutions by leveraging flexible, modular systems. This includes selecting features such as mobile key integration (BLE and NFC), remote access control, and personalised guest experiences. Special finishes and lock customisation, through both custom lever design and custom finishes (PVD and Powder Coat) allow customers to select tailored solutions according to specific property and designer requirements, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure and future scalability.

In terms of future-proofing after-hours guest access, what are the emerging trends in door lock technology?

“Mobile key, IoT integration, check-in kiosks and cloud-based solutions are all emerging trends in door lock technology. These innovative solutions prioritise security, convenience, and adaptability, offering frictionless access experiences while leveraging advanced technologies such as smartphone-based digital keys, real-time data insights, and decentralised access control mechanisms. Embracing these trends allows hotels to future-proof their access control systems and deliver unparalleled guest experiences in the evolving hospitality landscape.”

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