A win-win for owners, investors, tenants and holiday makers

The announcement of the full review of the body corporate and community legislation is a timely initiative by the state government.

With many more strata and community title living opportunities being developed for both the tourist and holiday industries there are also increased numbers of Australians moving and investing in strata and community title properties. Thus there continues to be a greater challenge in terms of management for property owners – both as investors or home makers, as well as those who live permanently in the complexes as tenants or in the many thousands of properties which provide the largest holiday accommodation base in Queensland for the tourist industry.

That is why we at ARAMA have committed to a very much focussed pathway of progress to greater training and formal accreditation of our members and their support staff and supply and service teams. Importantly we at ARAMA see this as a win-win for owners, investors, tenants and holiday makers.

And from my experience in the corporate environment here and internationally, this can be achieved with effective costs benefits and for the overall improvement of service delivery and asset management and improvement. Our major industries continue to invest in research and development and also focussed training at all levels to lift returns and control costs. We can use and adopt many of the strategies to help make our properties competitive and efficiently managed for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We at ARAMA believe we can achieve this with specific training progress and levels of accreditation appropriate to the levels applicable for each property. It is quite evident that there is a continuing need for experience and specialised management techniques to be made available to all resident managers for the benefit of the current outcomes and the ongoing growth of the industry, in line with the government’s special focus on the key pillars of tourism and construction.
Let us remember that it was motel and apartment managers last century who developed the resident management concept that is now a significant industry. They set about developing the benefits of resident management techniques that have continued to demonstrate that buildings function better and costs and investment gains are better controlled by having a 24/7 management system.

While we do not expect all managers to obtain MBAs, we have been committed as an association to the Griffith University Strata Conference since its inauguration in 2005 and prior to that time, utilised and funded their research staff to investigate and guide us in new management opportunities.

Further we have had international business advisory and accountancy firm Deloittes assess economic outcomes achieved through resident management of a range of properties. Resident managers are of course required to gain real estate licensing to allow them to practice and ARAMA’s branches have regular forums for members and have run training courses with training centres in their regions and special forums delivered by industry specialists and courses in conjunction with other professional industry groups.

However, our five-year professional development program will continue to see ARAMA work on driving the professional development of our members to ensure that we can continue to ensure the best management practices within the diversity of challenges within each complex.

The future success and growth of the management rights industry across Australia requires a long term commitment to professional development and our aim is to have ARAMA provide practical support to members responsible for all levels of properties.

I would like to congratulate the commissioner of Body Corporate Services and its web site program on explaining all the elements of strata and community legislation and its special training program:

It provides an excellent review of the complexities that control our strata and community titles properties and adds to the body of knowledge that is available to assist in resolution of many day to day issues and concerns. The availability of knowledge is important on the day-to-day administration matters and trained and experienced management is a vital pillar in making laws work and industries prosper.

ARAMA will be working hard to ensure that our members remain major contributors to the success of the strata and community title industry throughout our nation.

We will continue to update stakeholders on the programs and progress that will occur through our education and accreditation program along with our commitment to use new technology to benefit lifestyle and cost management in all complexes.

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