Are you G20 ready?

It was time for us at SCA (Qld) to catch up with the property law review panel and the attorney-general to check the progress made and determine the time frames of further stages.

The good news is that we are continuing our active involvement in the various reforms that are being tackled with the final recommendations in relation to seller disclosure being released in the latter part of 2014. The next issues paper will be addressing by-laws, debt recovery and scheme termination.

We expect that the recommendations we made earlier this year will be incorporated and some exciting changes will be recommended for the strata sector. We have provided our expert industry advice on the practicality of some proposed amendments and are pleased with the QUT’s professional and knowledgeable approach to all the body corporate matters.

However, we have been advised by the attorney-general that the pending decision on the lot entitlements saga is and will be outstanding until 2015. The issues paper attracted many differing views and the QUT panel of experts is now back to the drawing board. With only a few weeks of parliamentary sittings left in 2014 it is very unlikely that any legislation will be drafted in a reasonable time frame.

While we are awaiting further milestones in the law review the G20 Summit is approaching fast and as the peak strata industry body, we have an interest in advising members on significant impacts on their body corporate clients’ lives. Initially the G20 Engagement Team advised that road closures will be temporary and that generally there wouldn’t be a disruption to the city life. After consultation with the G20 Engagement Team in August, it is inevitable that the visit of 26 world leaders, seven internationally protected persons and 4000 delegates will have some impact on Brisbanites.

Considering the security operation around this event is the most significant seen in Australia’s history, entailing two years of planning from a Queensland Police Service perspective, it is no surprise that in excess of 5000 police officers from Queensland, interstate and NZ will provide security for the leaders, delegates and community.

There is some impact expected on local facilities for buildings located within the so called “declared area”. The G20 Engagement Team has assured SCA (Qld) that residents and the general public will predominantly be unrestricted for the duration of the G20 Summit. The only time their movement could possibly be impeded, is during the motorcades that will require road closures. The traffic management plan for the G20 Summit is not expected to be released until six weeks out from the event. However, road closures as a result of motorcade movement are likely to include main roads between the CBD and airport and between the CBD and Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Some 16 restricted areas have been nominated, mainly hotels but some are residential complexes that our members manage. The restricted areas will be clearly outlined and in some cases, secured by some form of fencing and a policing element preventing persons who are not accredited from entering. Permission to enter this areas will only be granted to people who have a genuine reason to be there, such as people working in that area, people required to deliver goods or services into the restricted area.

SCA (Qld) has advised members on particular road closures that are expected and unfortunately after the past few years, we have to consider the risk that such a gathering might also attract protesters or even be seen as a prime target for terrorists. In order to prepare for this event that 3000 media will be reporting from, we are now working with our business partners to find out how to protect schemes from terror and protesting threats.

Because no matter what happens during that long weekend, the eyes of the world will be clearly focused on Brisbane and it is our time to showcase our city.

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