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Garden getaways: where b&b hospitality is in full bloom

“All gardens are a form of autobiography.” This quote from painter, poet, and gardener Robert Dash says it all. You can tell a lot about a person, and moreover an inn, by the beauty of their surroundings.

Gardens make for peaceful retreats for both innkeeper and guest, and they can also be a huge selling point.

With so many grassroots efforts (so to speak!) in regard to the farm-to-table food movement and environmental sustainability, planting a garden can help grow interest in your B&B and make it flourish as a must-see destination. I’ll give you an example.

The Benefits of Diverse Design at Bed & Breakfast on Tiffany Hill

Located in Mills River, NC, within the magnificent hills of Henderson County, Bed & Breakfast on Tiffany Hill is a six-acre property that features seven spectacular garden vignettes. Ideal for exploring and very Alice in Wonderland-like, the gardens help to create a tranquil refuge for guests.

Each garden is innovative in its own way, which helps set the inn apart from others in the region. It also caters to each visitor’s own interests. The Circle of Trees, for example, encourages conversation and connecting thanks to its circular arrangement. It’s the perfect place for relaxing and chatting with new friends and old. From there, guests can also observe the breathtaking beauty of nature from the top of a hill.


The Birdhouse Garden is lined with birdhouses and attracts more than 30 species on property – an added bonus for drawing nature lovers to the inn. The showstopper of the scene is a life-size birdhouse pavilion, where guests can get swept away in the vibrant surroundings while indulging in a revitalizing massage.

The Herb Garden is a great spot for inspiring gourmets, since it doubles as the place where ingredients for the three-course candlelit breakfast are sourced.

Yet another garden is ideal for artistic types who will enjoy viewing Audrey Hepbear, a striking statue that was created by a local artist for a Hendersonville fundraiser (the B&B sponsored her). This animated addition stands tall, wearing an apron and holding a piece of cherry pie – a baked good that was intentionally chosen as a nod to Tiffany Hill’s breakfast dessert course.

Since each garden has its own personality and is designed for a unique purpose, every guest can find the serene space that fits them best. 

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