Bustling with business potential: Cascade Gardens, Cairns

Coming from country Victoria, we had never heard of ‘management rights’ until we were on the Gold Coast for a holiday about a decade ago.

After exploring our options, management rights seemed to offer the best opportunity for a lifestyle change.  So we packed our bags, moved to Cairns, and purchased a complex through Resort Brokers Australia.  We had no prior experience in the industry, but now after nine years, it’s safe to say we are here to stay.

After having managed a very large permanent complex, we decided to try our hand at a holiday letting business. We purchased Cascade Gardens due to the terrific potential the business presented.  As a family-run operation, we have been able to give the complex a new look and continue to increase occupancy and returns for owners.

“My daughter, Chenoa, and I are partners in the business, and she has helped tremendously with her flair and passion for management rights. Chenoa now spends less time in the business, while she builds a successful parallel career as a broker with Resort Brokers Australia.”

However, we still work daily together to grow and develop our business. Like a lot of families who enter the management rights industry, our background was not related to property management. My background was in office administration and working for an editorial paper, which taught me very useful skills I engage with in this industry every day.

Chenoa spent many years as a dancer and dance teacher; her outgoing personality and great organisational skills make her ideally suited to working in management rights operations and sales.

Cascade Gardens is 32 years young. We have already achieved a great deal, with improvements and innovations. We are also constantly working with our committee to maintain and upgrade the building; keeping pace with customer demands.  Every enhancement helps make the customer experience that much more enjoyable, building repeat visitation. We believe you should never stop refreshing your offer, even if that just means making the smallest of changes to your complex or guestrooms.

We would love to see onsite managers gain the right to vote on important issues within their complex. This is an important step towards equality; managers should get to have a say in their investments. Since managers usually have the greatest financial investment in the business/property, it only seems like a natural progression. It is inspiring to see organisations like ARAMA continue to make progress on behalf of onsite managers.

We do a lot of work with the Defence Force when boats are brought to Cairns from surrounding countries for maintenance.  Recently, we were gifted a framed picture from the Defence Maritime Organisation for our hospitality to their personnel while in Australia. Customer service is a key element in our work mantra and being recognised for the love and effort we put into our business and looking after guests is something we find both humbling and gratifying.

Owning and operating management rights is never a boring job:  every day is different and every day brings new, interesting people to your front desk. We never stop learning and it’s always exciting to bring your individual approach to the complex and to the way you manage your business.

One of the things I have really loved is having all my family with me.  I can think of few industries that provide this opportunity to create a truly family-centred lifestyle.  Now watching Chenoa progress from being an astute manager to a successful broker for Resort Brokers Australia is very exciting.

I’m looking forward to seeing Cascade Gardens continue to grow and, with the tourism figures showing we are headed for another very busy high season, it really underlines the fact that Far North Queensland is the place to be!

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