Monday to Friday rental trend launches in Australia

High property prices and long commutes have prompted the launch of Australia’s first dedicated Monday to Friday property listing site.

WeekDay Space caters to professional lodgers who rent accommodation in the city during the week and go home on weekends.

A popular concept in London for the past decade, the mid-week renter option reinvents traditional flat sharing.

A recent Compass Housing report into Sydney housing affordability found typical households face the choice between living a considerable distance from the city or shacking up in a cramped inner suburb apartment.

“With the cost of living so high, we have seen the rise of the mega commuter, people who have jobs in the city but commute long distances to live elsewhere,” said WeekDay Space co-founder Rani Cohen.

“Monday to Friday lodging in cities like London and now Sydney allows people to live near work during the week and head home to more affordable or desirable climes on the weekend, like a second home in the city without the price tag.”

According to a survey of 2,010 Aussies, one in five adults earn extra income via Airbnb-style home sharing.

The mid-week renter concept offers those hosts a regular weekly income, a professional lodger with few possessions and the bonus of weekends to themselves.

The newly-launched website, soon to be rolled out nationally, will offer lodgers the opportunity to place ads so they can be matched with appropriate spaces.

“Initial interest has indicated that people may have bespoke requirements for particular nights and areas, so lodger ads and matching seem a natural evolution,” said Cohen.

“We hope that WeekDay Space will be an avenue for helping some of these people to escape these long commutes and maybe make some great connections in the process.”

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