Parramatta promised new life

It has been dubbed Sydney’s second CBD and now the fast-growing inner-west city of Parramatta is slated for significant development including a high-density residential development supported by a revitalised night-time economy and open public space. 

This new planning idea also includes a proposal for greater commercial development and is part of the City of Parramatta Council’s Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal. The NSW Government-backed proposal will go public exhibition this month for community feedback.

Council was seeking to expand the city’s CBD boundaries and change land use controls to facilitate the proposed new development. If approved, 14,000 additional dwellings would be built in the CBD, creating 50,000 new jobs.

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer said the proposal would help council capitalise on the “unprecedented” levels of interest and investment in Parramatta, and “cement its place at the centre of global Sydney”.

Key aspects of the proposal include:

  • Expanding the CBD’s commercial core and introducing incentives for new commercial floor space;
  • Increasing height controls to accommodate taller, slender towers so sunlight and air can reach the streets and public spaces below;
  • Ensuring new development includes community infrastructure to support growth;
  • New provisions that ensure new buildings perform to high environmental standards; and
  • Introducing new controls that ensure a development demonstrates an appropriate relationship to the city’s heritage.

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