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Most global regions showed full RevPAR recovery in 2022

2022 data from STR: Among the global regions, Asia saw the only decline in revenue per available room (RevPAR) from 2019

Despite economic headwinds, globally the resilient accommodation industry is operating from a position of strength in 2023, according to latest data from STR

The recovery has been buoyed by pent-up leisure travel and the return of corporate demand.


Robin Rossmann, STR’s managing director said: “While most global regions were impacted by omicron in early 2022, top-line performance recovery made big waves in the latter half of the year.

“The industry’s resilience has been underpinned by significant pent-up leisure travel over the summer along with the return of corporate demand, as the nature and length of this business travel has evolved.

“Unlike previous downturns,” he said “room rates have been the key driver of recovery as each of the global regions, excluding Asia, showed an ADR increase over 2019.

“Though occupancy came in below the pre-pandemic comparables, the metric is anticipated to stabilize throughout 2023. Despite economic headwinds, the industry is operating from a position of strength in the new year.”    

US$ constant currency, 2022 (percentage change from 2019):

Australia & Oceania

  • Occupancy: 63.9% (-13.6%)
  • ADR: US$162.34 (+20.8%)
  • RevPAR: US$103.74 (+4.3%)


  • Occupancy: 64.6% (-10.5%)
  • Average daily rate (ADR): US$148.97 (+18.5%)
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): US$96.25 (+6.1%)


  • Occupancy: 52.3% (-23.7%)
  • ADR: US$84.38 (-9.9%)
  • RevPAR: US$44.16 (-31.2%)

North America

  • Occupancy: 62.5% (-4.9%)
  • ADR: US$148.39 (+13.9%)
  • RevPAR: US$92.77 (+8.3%)

South America

  • Occupancy: 57.0% (-3.2%)
  • ADR: US$87.57 (+30.3%)
  • RevPAR: US$49.93 (+26.2%)

Middle East

  • Occupancy: 63.6% (-3.3%)
  • ADR: US$173.10 (+22.2%)
  • RevPAR: US$110.12 (+18.2%)


  • Occupancy: 54.2% (-10.7%)
  • ADR: US$140.74 (+38.3%)
  • RevPAR: US$76.29 (+23.5%)

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