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The rise of the family sabbatical 

For families looking to make lifelong memories and spend quality time with each other before the kids leave home, a family sabbatical is an appealing option

Lasting between three and twelve months, the family sabbatical or ‘family gap year’ has seen a resurgence in popularity since COVID-19.

For families looking to make lifelong memories and spend quality time with each other before the kids leave home, a family sabbatical is an appealing option.

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And with the rise of remote work and study options, the timing is perfect for families looking to hit the road and explore. 

But what do these families look for in accommodation offerings while on their gap year?

AccomNews has done the research and found four key areas of consideration for these gap-year travellers.

Embrace the joy of childhood

Spending quality time with the kids is a key driver of families looking to take a sabbatical, so ensuring their accom is not only kid-friendly but is actively catering to the young (and young at heart!) is key.

Games rooms, jumping pillows, and playground equipment are all popular features, but hosting family-friendly events is another way to tap into this market of travellers. Consider creating outdoor movie nights over the warmer months, or inviting local children’s entertainers to delight your guests.

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Study and workspaces

Many families on a gap year will still be required to work and study while on the road. To help your accommodation stand out from the crowd, a designated workspace with a reliable internet connection could be a standout feature.

Look to create a quiet coworking space that can be utilised by guests, not only a key feature for those on a family gap year, this amenity will appeal to a wide range of modern-day travellers who choose to work on the road. 

Kitchen and cooking facilities 

The family gap year can be an expensive endeavour, for most, budgeting and controlling costs are a feature of everyday life. A simple way for families to reduce costs is to minimise the number of meals at restaurants and cafes.  

Ensuring any kitchen facilities are maintained and well-cared for means these travellers can have easy and affordable access to home-cooked meals during their stay. Even better, consider making kitchen staples such as olive oil, salt and pepper or cereal available to purchase from reception. 

Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash

Provide gap year-friendly discounts

Families undertaking a gap year are likely to want to really explore and embrace their new surroundings. Providing a discount to travellers looking for longer-term stays (particularly outside of peak times) is an easy way to appeal to these families while also ensuring you are taking bookings outside of school holidays and other peak times.

Are you planning or have you experienced a family sabbatical? Did it meet your expectations?

Get in touch AccomNews would love to hear all about it!

Contact: Mandy Clarke [email protected]

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