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Tips for Accom managers: How to create AI-generated content

I asked Chat GPT to write my management rights industry magazine editor’s note to illustrate how useful it can be for your Accom business

AI has undoubtedly made significant advancements in recent years, and it’s fascinating to witness its potential applications in various fields. I was curious, so last month I decided to test OpenAI’s Chat GPT, by asking it to write my monthly editor’s note for our niche Resort News management rights industry magazine…

The results were intriguing and illustrated how you can use AI to generate good content for your Accom business.

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My initial instruction was straightforward: “Write a 200-word editor’s note for an Australian management rights industry magazine.”

The AI quickly generated a general but informative piece, discussing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the industry.

However, it lacked some flavour. Essentially it was void of personality. Mandy Clarke’s voice was lost and it lacked the personal touch expected from an editor’s note. But I was flabbergasted because it did manage to provide a solid overview of a  specialised subject matter in seconds.

Here is a taste of what it wrote:

“Dear readers, we are delighted to bring you the latest edition of our management rights industry magazine. This issue explores the key trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the industry today.

“In this edition, we discuss the latest updates in strata law, body corporate governance, and licensing requirements, and how these changes impact management rights operators. We recognize the importance of collaboration and partnerships within the industry, and feature examples of successful collaborations that are delivering improved efficiencies and creating new revenue streams…

…”Thank you for your continued support.”

I admit, I was very impressed.

But curious to explore its capabilities further, I then requested the AI to rewrite the note in the voice of Joan Rivers!

And this is a taste of what it rewrote:

“Hello, darlings! It’s your favourite editor back again, bringing you the hottest and latest in the management rights industry. I know you’ve been waiting for this, so let’s dive right in.

“In this edition, we’re tackling the issues that are shaping the industry today. We’ve got the latest on how managers are adapting to the post-COVID world, the legal updates you need to know, and the power of collaboration and partnerships to help you grow your business. And you know we’re not skimping on the expert insights, honey. We’ve got the biggest names in the industry sharing their secrets for success. Plus, we’re showcasing the latest tools and technologies to help you run your business like a boss…

…”Thanks for your continued support and stay fabulous!”

As you can see this version was more entertaining, the note was re-written in a more vibrant and engaging style that perhaps verged on being a tad inappropriate (typically Joan Rivers) but it was certainly more fun. It did its job and successfully infused the editor’s note with personality, showcasing the AI’s adaptability.

AdobeStock By Ascannio

What can we take away?

From this exercise, I learned that while AI can assist with generating content it’s crucial to have a human expert in their unique space giving it clear instructions, editing, and verifying. Moreover, incorporating local knowledge and adding a personal touch will certainly enhance the final output.

The potential for AI in the accommodation industry is vast, but for right now there are simple ways to use it to save time and enhance your content.

Use it to help create your professional bio, with good instructions it can help write your accommodation and visitor experience descriptions, help compose the perfect email for you, assist with social media posts, and importantly help you quickly construct a perfectly professional reply to any online review.

Embracing new technologies ensures that we stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world. Currently, OpenAI’s Chat GPT is available for free, making it an accessible tool worth exploring.

For those who believe AI will replace writers remember that AI can only generate content based on something existing. As long as originality is truly a human instinct, there will be a place for writers and this is something AccomNews stands by.

My TIPs on how to optimize the use of Chat GPT when creating content for your Accom business:

  1. Provide it with clear and precise instructions – clearly outline the format, structure, or desired information you want.
  2. Ask additional questions or request multiple rewrites to explore different perspectives. 
  3. Request a specific writing style or tone – but in the style of Steven King should always be just for fun!
  4. Fact check and verify the accuracy of the information, to ensure information aligns with current knowledge and reliable sources.
  5. Add local knowledge and unique details related to your business.
  6. Edit the AI-generated content to reflect your personal touch, remember Chat GPT can provide a starting point, but it’s important to review and edit to ensure the content aligns with your own voice, style and brand.
  7. Tailor the content to suit your accommodation business and adjust the style to resonate with your audience and guests.
  8. Be responsible, Chat GPT is only a tool so make sure your content complies with ethical guidelines, legal requirements, and of course data protection regulations.

Remember with careful utilisation, AI can be a valuable asset. It can enhance your written communication and save time so it may be worth embracing the possibilities of unleashing the potential of AI-generated content for your business.

An important final word from me

At AccomNews and across all our Multimedia publications there is a human at the center of every piece. But when relevant we are exploring how AI can help us explain things better and make our processes more efficient to ensure your content needs are met.

And if you’d like to read something written by the real me, alongside many management rights and body corporate ‘human experts’ in the monthly Resort News magazine you can SUBSCRIBE HERE

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