Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor is the Director at Taylor Dade Consulting. Check out more of her columns in future issues of Resort News and AMG.

Design trends for luxury resort destinations

Whether you are thinking of remodelling or building a new resort in 2017 think carefully before following the latest ‘trends’ unless you have deep pockets and subscribe to the industry expectation that your resort will be undergoing a significant refurbishment within three to five years. Designing to a current trend can date your property very quickly, and in today’s ever …

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Design for success: the importance of getting it right the first time

Time and time again throughout my career I have seen the impact poor planning and a lack of conceptual thinking at the earliest stages of a new project has on the future resort or hotel operations and even its long-term viability. This led me to return to study interior architecture after completing a degree in hotel management as I could …

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