Thursday, September 20, 2018


Overcoming the skills shortage

457 Visa

The South Burnett region of Queensland is a small but highly productive area that relies on orchards, wineries, peanuts, navy beans, thriving beef and pork industries and energy production as well as tourism attracting around 60,000 tourists every year – all very intensive labour employers.

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Suppliers show their wares

PEHN Tradeshow

The PEHN Mini Trade Show held on the 16 July at Crown Promenade hotel was a great night attended by a mix of people from executive housekeepers, general managers, purchasing executives to the suppliers.

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Paid Laundries: Simple yet effective


The hospitality industry forms one of the largest customers in Australia for comercial laundry suppliers. This is unsurprising when having an efficient laundry is one of the most vital and luxurious services offered to guests within an accommodation complex.

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