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Mobility Changes the Face of Function Catering

Traditional buffet displays with starched white linen tablecloths and long lines of bains-marie are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Wedding guests, conference delegates and resort patrons want to be wowed and are drawn to sensational displays with live cooking and buffet systems that provide not only sensational food but a inspiring presentation.

It is the era of the mobile buffet. While the concept of a portable buffet system may not be necessarily new, the technology and design that goes into the modern cooking and warming units certainly has.

Incorporating mobile stations to the buffet, presenting dishes from cold sushi to hot pasta and succulent carved-on-the-spot roasts, creates an exciting and entertaining atmosphere allowing the guest to experience a wide selection of cuisines and experiences.

The mobility function cuts labour costs dramatically. It allows the complex to provide events in areas not previously utilised, providing additional revenue streams, and therefore are a tool for the accommodation provider to offer a point of difference against their competition. An investment with a clear ROI, not a cost.

Hospitality equipment manufacturer SICO South Pacific has introduced an extensive range of mobile buffet solutions including induction carving, heating and warming units as well as cold food and beverage and bar stations. For example, the company has released a new range of nested glass or laminate top tables to compliment hotel and conference facility food presentation areas.

AN45-4-F-B-Funtion-Furniture-2They look sensational but, more important, as SICO’s hospitality sales manager, Stephen Catterall says, “The latest in food and beverage presentation is linen free, our nested tables provide our customers with a system that is portable, easy to reconfigure and offers a clean and contemporary display”.

Available in a range of aluminium powder coated frame colours, frosted or plain glass tops and laminate top finishes the new nested food and beverage tables are designed to be easily stored, transported on a optional storage trolley and set up inside or outside for guest services between events or as a part of an existing buffet line.

The SICO concept is that the units are mobile and can be moved throughout a venue so you are not limited to holding events in one location.

SICO has introduced an extensive range of other mobile buffet solutions including induction carving, heating and warming stations as well as cold food and beverage and bar stations. One particular model that is proving to be a popular choice in venues worldwide are the stylish Ovation mobile buffet stations. The all-in-one design allows executive chefs to easily roll the unit in to the preferred presentation area, which may be in a restaurant area, outdoors by the pool or in a buffet line in a function space.

With multiple configurations the Ovation is available in a selection of scratch and stain resistant quartz composite tops, decorative brushed stainless steel fasçias, frosted glass plate storage shelves with LED lighting for dynamic visual effects and hidden storage. The green LED lighting supports themed events, offering presentation options and, along with the latest induction cooking technology, adds to the green credentials of the property.

Executive chefs and food and beverage managers are replacing dangerous flammable fuels with modern energy efficient induction units and are already seeing the reduced cost and waste, reduced energy usage and the ability to create a inspired buffet presentation. Food safety is a crucial element with accurate heating and cooling systems in place. Heating from above and below maintains food at correct and balanced serving temperature.

From the latest in mobile buffet tables to table top beverage dispensers, buffet bistro and function ware has never been so functional and stylish.

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