An event about hotel legal issues that’s not only for lawyers

At last, an event for lawyers and non-lawyers alike, addressing some of the key legal and related commercial issues vital to the management, operation, development and sale of hotels and other forms of guest accommodation.

Issues such as those arising from the relationship between hotel owners and their operators, and a hotel’s dealings with its employees, guests and suppliers. And legal issues arising during hotel transactions and hotel development.

Topics addressed during the inaugural half day Hotels Legal World event include:
• Trends in hotel management agreements and in alternative forms of contractual arrangements, such as franchises, leases, and management rights based agreements.
• Due diligence considerations from the perspective of investors, lenders and advisors.
• Transaction roadblocks and how to deal with them.
• Multi-jurisdictional and hotel portfolio transaction challenges
• Issues in mixed-use developments, and
• Employment related issues and risks

Hotels Legal World is part of HotelsWorld 2016, which comprises 5 consecutive events over 3 days for industry CEO’s and other leaders that will be held in Sydney from 26 to 28 July 2016. Over 130 speakers from all parts of the industry and all parts of the world will take the stage at HotelsWorld 2016, making it by far the largest cast of industry leaders and experts ever to appear on the stage at an accommodation event in Australia, and one of the largest industry events in the world.

Beyond size, HotelsWorld is also a world apart from other industry events because it’s a suite of bespoke events designed each year to focus on the current issues, people and opportunities in the world of guest accommodation. Like all HotelsWorld events, Hotels Legal World has been designed to be fast, fresh and focused, with the industry’s leading legal and commercial advisers and executives participating in 30 minute sessions.

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