Your worst guest stories? Go on!

WIN: Send in your "worst guest" story for chance at a weekend on the Sunshine Coast!

“The guest asked the housekeeper to clean a collection of sex toys.”

If only the biggest problem with guests was a little spilled tea…  Some guests can be absolutely revolting.

One of the worst stories I ever heard was from a hotel housekeeper who was perturbed when she found an array of unusually large sex toys on the bathroom sink alongside a polite note from the lone male guest who asked her: please wash my toys!

Photo by Матильда Августа on Unsplash

What are these nightmare guests thinking?

Once I stayed at a posh heritage hotel and noticed something unusual on the overhead smoke detector in my guest room, so I called for help.

This led to a very red-faced hotel manager removing a condom that had been fixed to the smoke detector device on the ceiling, and he sheepishly offered that a guest had done this to prevent the detector from going off.

My first thought: I hope the condom was unused.

My second: What if he suspects that I am the condom culprit!

This week you have been sending in your “worst guest” stories AND from shoplifters to sneaky pop-up caterers we love reading them.

Please keep your “worst guest stories” rolling in for a chance to win a great prize.

Readers, please submit your story via the comments section below or via email (property names can be kept anonymous).

We will pick the winner by 31/5/2021.

To view the competition terms and conditions please click here.

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