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COVID travel: Tourism body calls for vaccinated travellers

The Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania is calling on the state government to require that visitors are vaccinated.

With lockdowns and border restrictions sweeping the nation and decimating both interstate and international travel, tourism industry bodies are calling on the Tasmanian government to impose vaccination rules for state visitors. 

Thanks to COVID, travel is changing, with new rules and regulations offering a chance to revive the struggling tourism industry. In Tasmania, these rules could include a vaccination mandate for state visitors. 

“People should be required to have a vaccine before entering Tasmania,” Luke Martin, CEO of the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania, told ABC Northern Tasmania. “Other states are going that way. We’ve seen Europe go that way.” 

While many Australian states have faced long lockdowns and high numbers of daily COVID-19 cases, Tasmania has stayed relatively protected, and locals are keen to keep Tasmania COVID safe. 

“Tassie should lead and show everyone certainty and confidence,” said Mr Martin, who stated that he wanted to see vaccinations mandated for all visitors to the state, not just those travelling from COVID-19 hotspots. 

“If we’re going to open up our borders, we want to protect the community and our own industry, and part of that should be an expectation that if you get the Tas-E-Travel pass, the no-restriction travel, then you should have been expected to have had your two shots.”

The call for vaccination is part of a long-term plan to provide stability to Tasmanian businesses, especially those in hard-hit industries such as tourism and hospitality.

With frequent lockdowns leading to travel cancellations and business closures, it’s become difficult for many businesses to sustain staff and operations. 

Shannon Jade

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  1. Personally I find the idea of having to cope with travellers dogs in a hotel very disappointing. As someone who is highly allergic the hotels were my last refuge. There is pressure I know from the dog lobby but frankly there are too many and its an imposition on other customers. I found this a real problem in Britain two years ago. In one hotel I could not use a hotel lounge room because of a large dog sprawled in the middle of floor while the owners had a great relaxing in time. I had to go to the garden!

  2. I believe all states should apply the same mandate as Queensland, WA, and Tasmania.
    Double vac or stay at home.
    We certainly would prefer only fully vaccinated guests stay at our accommodation facilities.
    All our staff and owners are fully Vaccinated for the safety of all guests and their visitors.
    The onsite restaurant staff will be fully vaccinated before Dec 1, and The hairdresser and all their staff will be vaccinated when they reopen next week.
    I think it is only right that guests and visitors to the property provide us with the same courtesy.

    1. So going by what you are saying that everyone should be double vaxxed or stay at home , where does it stop , if you are vaccinated then you have nothing to worry about . We have operated right through the pandemic , and had people isolate at our property , we have had hundreds of workers from the cities ( mainly Melbourne and Sydney ) where the major outbreaks have been , and this is all before the vaccines arrived. We are happy to have any guest, without discriminating on the basis of if they have had a vaccine or not . If this is the way society is going then what will be the next thing that we exclude people for .

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