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Five things families expect on holiday

Families love to have easy access to fun amenities and actively seek out accommodation options that provide them

A recent report on global travel trends by American Express found 66 percent of respondents planned to travel more with their families in 2022 than they did in 2021.

This has certainly the case during recent school holidays where, with borders open and travel back on the cards, there has been a surge in families seeking holiday experiences where they could spend quality time together. 

To ensure your accommodation is appealing to this demographic, AccomNews has put together a list of five things families expect on holiday.

1. Fun and family-friendly amenities

Data from Trivago Insights show that families love to have easy access to fun amenities and actively seek out accommodation options that provide them.

Onsite pools, playgrounds, and basketball courts all score big points with families looking for accommodation. However, if these amenities are not an option, consider purchasing outdoor games, toys, skateboards or scooters for the kids to play with during their stay.

2. Kid-friendly fare

Complimentary breakfasts are a no-brainer for families, allowing the kids to eat a nutritious meal before a big day of exploring. To entice families to eat other meals in-house, consider value-adding by offering a free soft drink with the purchase of a children’s meal.

3. Baby’s first holiday

For parents with very young children, travelling can be a daunting experience and there are bound to be hiccups along the way. Ensuring you have some baby essentials onsite is sure to impress. Having a porta-cot or window/blackout shade available to borrow is sure to help the whole family get a good night’s sleep.

4. Holiday for the whole family

It’s easy to focus on kid-friendly activities when you consider a family holiday, but parents want to have fun too. Have a reliable and trustworthy nanny or babysitting service on file for guests to call upon if they want to have a night out.

Better yet, provide a kids club or structured activities during the day to allow the grown-ups a chance to relax and read a book by the pool.

5. Activities for the teens and tweens

It can be difficult to cater to older kids on holidays. Teenagers are unlikely to enjoy hanging out at a kids club, but there are still ways to get them off their phones. Have a look at your communal areas and consider bringing in a ping pong table or an old arcade game. It’s bound to bring out the competitive streak in every member of the family!

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