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Hotel’s sweet initiative for World Environment Day 2023

The Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park & Rooftop Bees partnership reveals how 120,000 honeybees will support the hotel's sustainability goals

Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park has partnered with Rooftop Bees ahead of World Environment Day on June 5, marking a significant milestone in the hotel’s commitment to sustainability.

This initiative will bring a touch of sweetness to the heart of the city while supporting the hotel’s overall sustainability goals.

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As part of the initiative, two beehives made from sustainably sourced timber were installed on the hotel’s rooftop, housing 120,000 honeybees. The carefully selected location of the rooftop provides an ideal environment for the bees to thrive, with a 5km roaming radius and an abundance of flowering plants in direct connection to the neighbouring Hyde Park.

Currently, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park serves their guests 400 to 450 kilograms of honey annually.

By utilising honey produced in-house, the hotel aims to reduce fuel emissions associated with the supply chain; contribute to local biodiversity and support a zero-food mileage approach. The abundance of roof-made product will also allow the team to explore innovative ways to incorporate honey into menu items and amenities for guests.

General Manager of Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park, Krister Svensson, said, “We are thrilled to welcome our rooftop bees to their new home at Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park. This initiative allows us to actively participate in environmental conservation and educate our guests about the significance of bees in urban settings.

“Plus, we get to serve up our own delicious honey – a natural embodiment of the garden space that surrounds our hotel.”

The honeybee colonies are facilitated by Rooftop Bees, a distinguished corporate bee service responsible for the maintenance and care of the beehives. With a reputation for installing beehives on corporate buildings and campuses throughout Australia, the company contributes to driving sustainable business and offer educational workshops to address conversations related to sustainability, community development, health and wellness.

John Prince, Founder & Director, Rooftop Bees said: “The introduction of rooftop beehives at Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park serves a larger purpose in raising awareness about critical environmental and sustainable issues. Bees act as ambassadors for sustainability, the environment, and positive change.

“By joining the global movement to support and protect bees, the hotel is taking an active role in preserving the planet.”

In addition to the Rooftop Bees initiative, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park has partnered with Greenspace to implement vertical farming which produces micro herbs which are then incorporated into the culinary offerings at the hotels iconic, Feast and The Gallery. Through this collaboration, the hotel can cultivate fresh herbs with minimal supply chain impact, contributing to a more sustainable food system.

Executive Chef, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park, Duncan Morrison emphasised the hotel’s commitment to sourcing the finest organic produce, including aged grass-fed beef, seasonal Cowra lamb, and sustainably caught fish from Australian waters.

The introduction of rooftop bees at Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park is another step towards achieving the hotel’s sustainability goals, which include reducing their carbon footprint, within their urban setting. This initiative sets a shining example for the hospitality industry and encourages other establishments to embrace similar eco-conscious practices.

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