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Sleeping in style: The art of bed presentation

The presentation of the bed sells the room

The centrepiece of any guestroom is the bed, and it’s imperative to ensure guests can enjoy their stay in a bed that is not only comfortable but also well-presented and inviting.

Numerous studies have found that a good night’s sleep enhances overall guest satisfaction and increases the likelihood of a guest returning to an accommodation or recommending it to a friend.

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And while the focus often remains on the mattress itself, linen also plays a significant role. A 2018 survey by the National Sleep Foundation found that 85 percent of respondents rated comfortable bed sheets as important in getting a good night’s sleep.

Industry expert and National Sales and Marketing Manager at Australian Linen Supply & Bev Martin Textiles, Helen Hurst believes that ensuring your guest beds are well presented and speaking to current design trends is the key to ensuring guest satisfaction.

“In my opinion, the presentation of the bed sells the room,” Ms Hurst said.

“If the bed looks unpleasant, a guest is not going to want to sleep in it. Clean, uncreased bed linen is a must. Additionally, guest beds need four high-quality, fluffy pillows and a colourful throw blanket.

“Some operators are still using scattered cushions, but it’s imperative that they are clean and fresh.”

For those looking to refresh their guestrooms, Ms Hurst recommends against purchasing high-wall mattresses as this can lead to future complications when purchasing linen.

IImage courtesy of Australian Linen Supply & Bev Martin Textiles

She explained: “By purchasing a high wall mattress, operators will run into problems getting standard-sized bed linen products to fit the mattress. A quality mattress is key, but it doesn’t need to have high walls.

“If you are wanting a plush-looking bed, I suggest increasing the base of the bed rather than the mattress.”

As for current industry trends, Ms Hurst noted that more motels have begun to mirror hotels and are now also embracing white bed linen.

“White is a timeless choice for a reason – it immediately gives the guest peace of mind for cleanliness.

“As for hotels, I have noticed a move away from scattered cushions and instead, hoteliers are now using more plush-looking pillows on the bed.”

Looking to the future, Ms Hurst believes that technology will increasingly play a role within guestrooms, but she believes that bed presentation will continue to honour tradition.

“I can’t see many changes evolving with the beds themselves. I believe white linen will always be the preference, but we may move away from stripe and plain triple sheeting to a pattern top sheet,” Ms Hurst said.

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