Saturday, June 23, 2018

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How to kill a sale

I have often been involved in transactions where the seller gave the impression of making it difficult for the buyer to do perfectly reasonable investigations. In one recent matter, the buyer wanted 14 days to make a few reasonable checks on the business. The seller agreed, but would only allow a seven-day period for it all to happen. The buyer felt …

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Are you sorted for Schoolies yet?

If you own a lot or are part of a committee in a scheme frequently used for holiday letting, it is never too early to start thinking about what impact Schoolies might have on you and your property. For bodies corporate, onsite managers and lot owners, Schoolies can produce a range of issues and questions. As we approach the 2016 …

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Is Queensland falling behind?

Queensland may dominate New South Wales on the football field, but where strata laws are concerned, our ‘rival state’ is out in front. From 30 November 2016, the New South Wales Strata Schemes Act 2015 will come into effect, which contains more than 90 amendments to how strata schemes are currently legislated. Some of these changes include by-laws prohibiting overcrowding, stricter …

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More disclosure when buying strata in Queensland, report suggests

Body corporate managers frequently assist in the sale of units by providing a body corporate certificate that includes certain information about the lot being purchased. A few years ago, under the previous government, consideration was given to the volume of the certificate and subsequently its size was minimised, putting the onus of checking the background of a property back on …

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