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Turtle Beach make substantial savings

Turtle Beach Resort is a number one choice for families on Queensland’s Gold Coast. This is an exceptionally popular resort catering for over 44,000 guests per year and it is large, sitting on 4.5ha with 240 fully self-contained 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments.

The 240 apartments all have split system air conditioning and according to the Turtle Beach Resort maintenance manager, Ian McQuarrie he had “become increasingly aware of the fact that they had serious issues with the air conditioning being left on in empty rooms”. This was due to guests going out for the day and forgetting to turn off their air conditioning and the problem was costing owners a lot of money. With power prices on the rise the owners of the apartments at Turtle Beach Resort was becoming more and more anxious about their power bills and they were very keen for the resort managers to reduce the power consumption.

A subsequent introduction to Aircon Off was very enlightening. Ian explained that until this time they had not realised that there was a “complete solution available”. Aircon Off products seemed to be the best on the market and Ian states, “We knew a good idea when we saw it and so we installed Aircon Off units and smart remotes to every air conditioner in the resort.”

The new Aircon Off system was programmed to turn off the air conditioning in empty rooms and consequently the Aircon Off units have “started saving money from the day they were installed”. Mr McQuarrie, the resort managers and the apartment owners at Turtle Beach Resort are very happy with the system that has proved to be such a cost effective and easy to use solution. It is also an alternative to the ongoing problem of guests setting temperatures too low and one that completely overcomes the problem of replacing lost or broken original remotes.

AMG49-ER-Aircon-Off 300x225 2“I am pleased to say we are very happy with the investment,” Stephen West the executive general manager of Turtle Beach Resort stated. The Aircon Off products sit very nicely within the environmentally conscious image of Turtle Beach Resort that has also had solar panels fitted to heat the pool and replace lights with low energy LED tubes to further reduce the carbon footprint.

The Aircon Off products were very easily fitted to the existing spilt system air conditioning according to Ian and the process took about 30 minutes per installation. He adds, “There was no mess and it caused no disruption to our guests whatsoever.”

There has been no negative impact on the Turtle Beach Resort’s guest’s experience at all by the installation of the system but some of the money and resources saved could actually improve the guest experience. The lower running times and optimised temperatures have saved in wear and tear and Ian knows that this “will significantly reduce maintenance costs” and it is reported that owners have also been happier with lower power bills.

Mr McQuarrie says, “I would thoroughly recommend this product. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to minimise their air conditioning power use and save money on associated running costs.”

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