Break department barriers and beat your budget

Break down the silos between marketing, sales and revenue with one simple weekly practice.

Non-communication between departments is commonplace in the hotel industry. You’ve most likely seen this yourself. Sales left in the dark about marketing promos. Marketing staff surprised by a revenue manager’s room rate decision. Or, front desk staff oblivious to the arrival of a very important meeting planner scheduled for a site inspection.

However, just because this disconnect between departments is common, it doesn’t mean that you must perpetuate the problem at your property. When departments aren’t on the same page (or worse, questioning each other’s intelligence) it undermines your combined capabilities and clearly inhibits achievement of the individual and overall revenue goals.

Here’s one easy, consistent way to break down the barriers between departments that should be working in unison: Schedule a weekly all-team meeting.

This is for all staff members, not just department heads, to talk about what they’re working on, best practices, upcoming projects, ask questions, get feedback and share resources. Monday is a good day to have this meeting since you can action any valuable items that come up in the meeting during the following week.

Not only does this simple weekly appointment give your team visibility to what’s happening outside of their department, it enhances collaboration, motivates a shared vision and fosters a unified team atmosphere that runs stronger than ever.


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