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Dream big: Give guests the ultimate sleep experience

To help you select the perfect mattress for your accommodation, AccomNews asked three industry experts for their top tips for a comfortable bed.

Whether exhausted from a long day of travelling or hoping for a luxurious holiday sleep-in, everyone looks forward to their hotel bed. Ensuring your beds are comfortable for all guests, then, is crucial. And for that, you must start with a quality base… the mattress.

To help you select the perfect mattress for your accommodation, AccomNews asked three industry experts for their top tips for a comfortable bed.

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The Comfort Group Sales Manager – Commercial Australia, New Zealand & Export Sharnie Angel, believes that a quality mattress is essential.

“In the hospitality industry, every detail contributes to guest satisfaction,” she explained. “However, one element continues to reign supreme – the quality of sleep. Investing in commercial-grade mattresses is more than a business decision; it’s a commitment to guest well-being.”

Image courtesy The Comfort Group

AH Beard Group Commercial Manager Peter Deveny believes that for hoteliers, purchasing commercial-grade mattresses is non-negotiable.

“Providing a mattress that is specifically designed and manufactured for the rigours of a commercial environment is critical for both the life and comfort of the mattress,” he said.

“Factors like using fire retardant materials, comfort fills for optimum comfort and treatments that prevent the growth of mould and other allergens are all key reasons to select only genuine commercial products for your hospitality business.”

Koala VP New Ventures Mark Mitchinson agrees that quality is paramount when looking to purchase new mattresses and urges hoteliers to consider the return on investment.

“Accommodation providers want to be able to trust the quality of the mattress they are using,” he said. “It is a big investment for companies to make and they need to be confident in their financial investment. A great night’s sleep will see customers come back more and more.”

Image courtesy Koala

Guest expectations for a restful night’s sleep may be higher than ever. A 2021 survey by BedTimes Magazine found that lockdowns associated with the COVID pandemic triggered many consumers to spend big on new household items, including mattresses. This means that many guests have now come to expect an even more elevated sleep experience while travelling.

“Guests are more discerning and demanding than ever. In many cases they have great beds in their own home, so when they travel, they expect that the bed will meet, or exceed that standard,” Mr Deveny said.

“Commercial mattresses are designed and built to meet that expectation, much more than they have been in the past.

“Everybody is different and good quality commercial mattresses are made to strike a balance between the individual needs of guests. Find a happy medium, both firmness and support that strives to satisfy the majority of guests.”

Mr Mitchinson echoed this, adding that operators also need to be cognisant of other factors that impact the quality of sleep.

“People are getting more and more demanding in the elements that give them a good night’s sleep and a mattress and pillow need to go hand in hand,” he said.

“Often we see a greater investment in mattresses than pillows, however I would argue that both products should be considered equally.”

Ms Angel said that selecting mattresses with the latest technology goes a long way to ensuring a quality night’s sleep.

“Creating the ultimate sleep experience demands a meticulous blend of luxury, comfort, and durability,” she said. “It’s imperative that mattresses are enriched with cutting-edge technology, provide optimal support, and are able to cater to the diverse needs of guests.”

Outside of the bed itself, there are other factors to consider that help guests enjoy an exceptional sleep experience. Recognising the importance of sleep for overall guest satisfaction is crucial.

“A good night’s sleep fosters customer loyalty,” Ms Angel explained. “Quality sleep is a fundamental pillar of a positive guest experience, influencing reviews, repeat business, and overall satisfaction.”

Mr Deveny added that the guestroom should be considered as a whole, and all elements of the space should lend themself to a quality night’s sleep.

“While arguably, the most important element is selecting a quality mattress and bed linen, this is complemented by factors such as ensuring you have effective blackout curtains to keep out ambient light, good sound insulation to make the room quiet and lighting that doesn’t prevent the body from producing the natural hormones (melatonin) that help our body go to sleep,” he said.

Image courtesy Koala

For Mr Mitchinson, mattresses that can adjust seasonally are another consideration. “There is also continual innovation for zero partner disturbance, adjustable firmness along with more environmentally friendly products and increased product circularity,” he said.

Looking at current and emerging trends, Mr Deveny identified customisable sleep experiences as increasingly commonplace in hospitality settings.

“They are a big talking point with accommodation operators right now,” he said. “A mattress that can be customised to meet the needs of almost any guest is considered the ‘Holy Grail’ and we’re seeing more brands expand their offering to deliver this.”

Mr Mitchinson said: “There are many different options with personalised sleep solutions that weren’t around 10 years ago. A lot of these incorporate sensory and sound elements that work in conjunction with the main mattress product. Consumers are now tracking their sleep patterns more than ever with smart watches and other products and apps giving them greater insights on what drives a great night’s sleep.”

Ms Angel believes accessibility will continue to be a focus for the industry, with new mattress technology allowing guests to tailor the bed to meet their own needs, whether it’s adjusting the height of their backs, or elevating their legs for optimal comfort.

“This is also important from an accessibility perspective, ensuring everyone, regardless of mobility challenges, can enjoy a restful night’s sleep,” she added.

Image courtesy The Comfort Group

Operators often consider using mattress toppers as an optional ‘add-on’ for guest comfort. However, Mr Mitchinson explained: “High-quality mattresses generally do not need additional toppers and they can sometimes limit the mattress technical functionality that has already been built in.

“If a guest’s sleep preferences are really specific, a topper can be an option, but the focus should remain on the mattress itself, first and foremost.”

Ms Angel highlighted that everybody is different. “What is comfortable to one person does not necessarily translate to the next. Having toppers available can provide an opportunity to tailor the feel of the mattress for each individual’s comfort.”

Mr Deveny warned, although some mattress toppers can add luxury there are some important considerations.

Image courtesy of AHBeard

“How much extra will it cost to launder the toppers? How much extra time is needed for housekeeping? What is the impact on breathability and overall temperature of the sleep environment when the topper is included?”

Finally, he pointed out that if a mattress is premium in nature, it shouldn’t need an additional mattress topper to achieve the ultimate sleep experience.

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