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QT Melbourne’s rooftop bar transformation is a sky-high seduction

QT Melbourne, known for its edgy essence, punchy chic and art installations, recently unveiled the remarkable transformation of its iconic rooftop bar

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Melbourne’s bustling cityscape and aromatic coffee scented laneways, QT Melbourne stands as a beacon of bold and unique hospitality.

This designer hotel offers a haven of extraordinary experiences, brimming with fresh adventures, endless possibilities, and joyful moments. With its creative and colourful ambiance, QT Melbourne seamlessly weaves itself into the fabric of this dynamic city.

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QT Melbourne, known for its edgy essence, punchy chic and art installations, recently unveiled the remarkable transformation of its iconic rooftop bar, aptly named, “Rooftop at QT.” This transformation not only elevates the bar’s offerings but also provides valuable insights for the entire accommodation industry about the value of investing in timely refurbishments.

QT Melbourne’s rooftop bar transformation

Always popular with both guests and locals the Rooftop at QT has long been celebrated for its excellence. It won the prestigious “Best Hotel Bar” award at the HM Awards in 2017, just one of many accolades, taking out numerous best rooftop bar roundups, and awarded “Best Bar” at the Australian Gourmet Traveller Hotel Guide Awards earlier that same year.

However, this year, Rooftop at QT transcended to another level by undergoing a complete makeover that sets an exciting new standard for luxury and innovative design.

Now glowing in a new light, QT Melbourne has raised the bar yet again. Revealing its fresh look, reinvigorated drink program, newly inspired menu and vibrant interior design on October 13, 2023, when it opened its doors to a new era.

When guests stepped out onto the rooftop they were wowed by breathtaking views of Melbourne’s iconic skyline and astounded to discover such an impressive and creative transformation. You could say they experienced “unparalleled sky-high seduction”.

QT Melbourne’s rooftop bar transformation

The beautifully designed space includes intimate alcoves featuring private booths, a private lounge, and an outdoor bar, all seamlessly blended with modern design and bespoke art.

Proud QT Melbourne General Manager, Kristen Foat told us: “The inspiration behind Rooftop at QT’s transformation lies in embracing the allure of rooftop culture, providing a venue for private moments and lively parties with friends you haven’t met yet. The striking art installations and elevated booths, offer a fresh perspective of the lively bar scene embodying the essence of the new.”

The Rooftop at QT’s beverage program has also been elevated under the guidance of Group Wine Director, Chris Morrison and Rooftop at QT Bar Manager, Chris Gaweda. The cocktail menu, designed to appeal to all tastes and occasions, marries nostalgia with innovation. Signature cocktails like the “Son of Man” and “Bulleit Punch” offer a unique blend of flavours that collide with Instagrammable moments, perfect for sharing with friends.

Complementing the beverage offerings is a menu curated by Executive Chef Nic Wood, featuring snacks and generous share plates inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Signature dishes include the Snapper Cannoli, Fried Mortadella Sando, Lobster Cocktail, and an irresistible Ice Cream Sandwich.

QT Melbourne’s rooftop bar transformation

At the heart of Rooftop at QT, Andrew Lewis, QT’s Music Curator, brings to life new playlists programmed to capture the time of the day by vibe and tempo, crossing cultures and breaking down stereotypes. Daytime is chill, easy and feelgood – perfect for a sun-soaked rooftop. The tempo kicks up a notch as the sun goes down with a revolving line-up of late-night DJs.

The transition from sunlight to moonlight with a modern take on the new playlist is heavily influenced by vintage disco, boogie, and soul with an electronic edge. Design and atmosphere long-time QT collaborator and award-winning designer, Nic Graham is at the helm of the interior elevation of Rooftop at QT, revitalising the space with a blend of modern design and artistic vision. Newly introduced booth seating allows for intimate group gatherings while embracing the buzz of the open venue.

For those after something a little quieter, there is the private lounge. The reeded glass doors are a “slide away from a hideaway” for up to 40 revellers.

Bringing Melbourne’s art culture to life, local artist Dwayne Hutton’s captivating art and hand-painted bespoke wallpaper cascade across the ceiling and further evolve digitally throughout the space. Dwayne has drawn on the electric atmosphere and ambience of Rooftop at QT, with music serving as his muse and the rooftop playlist as rhythmic inspiration to evoke moody, textured, and dynamic creations.

Drawing from the bar’s palette, Dwayne has juxtaposed shades of pink and blue to create compositions that draw guests closer, unveiling intricate details, dynamic movements and rich textures that beckon exploration.

The venue boasts contemporary furniture, updated upholstery, and modern lighting – repurposing original pieces and giving them a second life as part of the QT’s overall sustainability goals. Entering a circular economy, the hotel has partnered with industry experts, Tait, who design and manufacture in Melbourne, for fit-for-purpose interiors.

The newly refurbished QT Melbourne’s Rooftop Bar is a must-visit destination, promising unforgettable moments and endless possibilities for both locals and travellers alike. This stunning transformation sets the bar high and catapults guest expectations to new heights.

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