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Holiday park guests love making a splash & taking a nap

BIG4 Holiday Parks survey looks at how people holiday

Queenslanders aren’t just seeking relaxation on their holidays; they’re diving headfirst into the water, according to the results of a recent study from BIG4 Holiday Parks.

The study not only revealed that holidaymakers from the Sunshine State have a strong affinity for aquatic experiences but also highlighted their friendly nature, with many enjoying making long-standing friendships and indulging in long afternoon naps, reminiscent of our beloved koalas!

BIG4 Wye River

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According to the research from BIG4 Holiday Parks, which surveyed more than 2000 people across the nation, nearly half of Queenslanders (42 percent) prefer the beach as their most serene holiday destination when it comes to making a splash.

Clearly, the coast holds a special place in their hearts and minds. Additionally, a staggering 69 percent prioritise swimming pools when selecting accommodation, emphasising their love for aquatic activities.

Swimming emerges as the top holiday activity for Queenslanders, surpassing sightseeing, dining, reading, and shopping. This affinity for water-based leisure extends beyond recreational activities, with over half of Queenslanders expressing a desire to make friends while on holiday.

Impressively, 60 percent of these friendships are maintained long after the vacation ends.

Sean Jenner, Chief Executive Officer of BIG4 Holiday Parks, attributes this camaraderie to the welcoming atmosphere found in their parks. “For sociable types, the more than 250 offerings on the website provide the perfect way to relax while making new friends,” he said.

“Most of our parks have a pool, and many have playgrounds and games rooms for the kids to enjoy. BIG4 Holiday Parks attract a welcoming, approachable crowd. Our family-friendly activities and communal areas attract those that are more social, opening opportunities to meet like-minded people and families.”

BIG4 St Helens

However, while friendships flourish, romance takes a backseat for most Queenslanders during holidays, with only 13 percent reporting finding love while vacationing. Even among those who do, only 18 percent of relationships endure beyond the holiday.

It’s not surprising that Queenslanders exhibit a penchant for daytime naps, mirroring the laid-back Queensland lifestyle and the relaxed atmosphere associated with holiday park breaks. Nearly 70 percent of respondents admitted to indulging in daytime snoozes, with 40 percent claiming to sleep significantly more while on holiday compared to their routine at home.

The two most important things they need to facilitate catching up on some zzz’s are a comfy surface and a good air conditioner.

Mr Jenner said: “We provide the ultimate space for full relaxation, allowing our guests to take the time out they need and might not get at home.” 

The study found that more than half of Aussies (59 percent) said they’d stayed in a holiday park during the past five years. Mr. Jenner highlights the importance of understanding guest preferences in shaping BIG4 Holiday Park’s offerings.

He said this new research had factored into BIG4 Holiday Park’s latest GO BIG campaign, which captures the joy of making a BIG4 holiday booking and the memory-making fun that awaits guests at any one of its 200-plus parks around Australia.

BIG4 Gold Coast Holiday Park, QLD

“This survey adds to the work we’ve done to better understand our guests as we continue to grow our BIG4 Holiday Parks network,” he added.

“We’ve looked at how people holiday, who they like to go with, how far they’ll travel, and the role of work/life balance during their breaks.

“The research reflects the data we have on group sizes. We’re seeing significant growth in group bookings, which has increased by 39 percent since 2022, and the number of couples booking sites has grown by 35 percent. This shows we have enough going on at the parks to keep families busy, whilst also creating a serene environment for the couples.

“We pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse when it comes to delivering what our guests want and we will continue to develop our offering to keep up with changing trends.” 

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