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CLLIX Apartments is a pioneering company in the Management and Letting Rights (MLR) business, leading the way with innovative technology solutions. Shankar Kotha, the Chief Commercial Officer, describes the company’s model as a “tech-enabled hospitality solution” for its 18 properties and 8500 apartments, which it manages on behalf of the unit owners.

At the heart of CLLIX’s groundbreaking innovations is RMS Cloud (RMS), provided by a company with more than 40 years of experience in property management system technology. The trust accounting module is supported by industry partner ARAMA, solidifying RMS as one of the most reliable platforms globally. The capabilities of RMS were recognised by this tech-forward enterprise and employed throughout its properties, a testament to the strength of RMS.

CLLIX utilises RMS software across all its properties, encompassing the short-term letting division. Mr Kotha emphasised the seamless integration of RMS in organising Trust Cash Transactions reports for auditors, ensuring compliance with numerical order receipts.

“Our transactions and guest profile history are managed through the RMS system. With our focus on MLR, we rely on the RMS system to handle all our transactions in accordance with trust requirements.”

RMS provides an all-in-one solution for the business. “Pretty much everything happens within the RMS system,” Mr Kotha said. “We have a centralised corporate office that liaises regularly with the RMS team to make sure that everything is compliant and that we are doing everything by the book when it comes to statutory compliance.
“Our reservation team members make bookings in RMS Cloud and when the guests arrive at the property they are checked into the system. We handle payments through the system and when the guests are departing the property, we check them out through the system.”

Garth Kay, Head of Customer Success – Global at RMS, underscored RMS’ integral role at CLLIX Apartments and Hotels in boosting operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

“RMS Cloud has become a great asset to CLLIX’s success, optimising pricing and availability to maximise revenue while ensuring an exceptional guest experience,” he said.

Mr Kay highlighted the power of RMS technology – on how it is revolutionising guest communication through features like 2-way SMS solutions.

“It enables streamlined communication between properties, staff, and guests, fostering convenience and stronger guest relationships. Personalised interactions, including booking confirmations and timely responses to inquiries, contributing to overall guest satisfaction and loyalty.

“RMS’ extensive partner directory, boasting over 550 integrations, has empowered CLLIX to curate a custom tech stack tailored to their specific needs.

“Through partner integrations facilitated by RMS Cloud, such as Duetto, CLLIX has gained access to sophisticated revenue optimisation capabilities. Leveraging data-driven insights from RMS’ robust technology, Duetto helps to enable dynamic pricing adjustments in response to market demand and competitor rates,” explained Mr Kay.
“This proactive approach allows CLLIX to capitalise on real-time revenue opportunities across their 18 properties, providing a significant edge in the competitive hospitality landscape.”

Mr Kotha added that CLLIX leverages the RMS Channel Manager feature for distribution to online travel agents, government agencies and corporate clients.

Mr Kotha said his company was rebranded as CLLIX about 18 months ago when directors saw a real need for the company to provide a digitally savvy offering for the market.

CLLIX deployed self-check-in kiosks for automation of guest check-ins in partnership with H2TechLabs and RMS.
The partnership between CLLIX and RMS is integral to the brands continued success, with RMS’ global presence poised to elevate CLLIX’s aggressive expansion strategy to new heights. Leveraging RMS’ technology, already deployed in more than 70 countries, CLLIX is well-positioned to achieve its growth ambitions on a global scale, with the help of RMS.

Mr Kotha said: “Our founder and CEO Michael Song started the company about nine years ago with Arena Apartments which is currently part of our portfolio.

“We are true to the MLR business and that’s where our growth has come from. We have 12 properties in Queensland – in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, five in Melbourne, and one in Adelaide.
“We have a very agile MLR operation under Michael Song, who is a dynamic CEO, and we are heavily investing in our technology.

“We want to go global and in fact we have plans to land our first overseas acquisition this year.”

For more information please visit: www.rmscloud.com/get-started

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