Success: Living In Strata Launch

The Living In Strata trade show launched its Australian tour on the Sunshine Coast 24 April and turned out to be a lead generating machine.

Macquarie Bank senior manager, Jenny Samios, said events like the Living In Strata trade show highlight SSKB’s continued commitment to customers, as well as the integrity of the body corporate management industry.

“I was impressed with the quality of attendees, both clients and industry/ business partners. The trade show was fantastic for information sharing as well as excellent networking opportunities!

“The value added from events like this, along with the Living in Strata website, specifically highlight SSKB’s dedication to the industry and their lot owners,” she added.

Rochele Painting sales manager, Jeremy Festa, was thrilled with the tradeshow.

“The SSKB team and LivingInStrata offer a great platform for professional suppliers to interact with their body corporate customers.”

Living In Strata manager, Lucy Montgomery said the trade show is basically on wheels. This event is based on our free information website and it’s all about sharing knowledge and educating the masses at no cost. I’m very excited to finally take the website on the road and provide people with this fantastic free service.”

Attendees could visit the different exhibitors that offer different services to strata communities, like utility bulk supply, landscaping, legal advice, cleaning services, fire doors, garage doors, storage solutions, lift service, painting service, maintenance and more.

The Living In Strata trade show, arranged by SSKB Body Corporate Managers, will also visit Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns and Victoria later this year. has three main features, the strata-wiki where users can find relevant information and legislations, the strata forum where they can ask questions and the strata market where they can find businesses specialising in strata. The site has about 55,000 page views and over 9000 individual visitors each month.

It’s a free information portal that educates and informs people of the latest and most up-to-date information about strata title related rules, regulations and issues.


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