Brisbane push for highest tower in Australia

Billbergia and AMP Capital have submitted a redesign to its previous proposal for its Margaret St, Brisbane development that gives the developers an option to change the use of the secondary 41 level tower from office to hotel.

Sources say AMP Capital and Billbergia are now focused on launching the long-planned 90-storey apartment tower later this year in order to capitalise on Brisbane’s booming unit market.

The tower’s height remains unchanged at 274m (90 levels), which will become Australia’s third tallest tower behind Q1 and Eureka Tower.

The five star hotel would consist of 300 rooms while the 90 level tower will now consist of 1100 apartments, up from 850.

The Brisbane City Council had already approved Queensland’s tallest, most singnificant tower project named 111+222.

Bilbergia has stated that it will apply specially to the Brisbane Airport Corpration and CASA to restore the original height and possibly push it a little higher in order to be crowned Australia’s tallest building at 300m.

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