Up your visual appeal to get more bookings

Contrary to what many believe, people make purchase decisions based on emotions and how something makes them feel — not on facts or figures. Luckily for hotel marketers, evoking powerful emotions from your target audience is as easy as a few simple tweaks to your existing materials.

Out of the five senses, it’s the sense of sight that remains the most important way for hotels to gain recognition, convey the guest experience, and most importantly, impact booking decisions. Here’s one easy way to maximize your hotel marketing’s visual appeal to encourage more bookings:

Replace all ugly or ho-hum photography with stunning property images

This may seem like an obvious move to some, but we have seen hundreds of hotels that still use outdated and bland photos in their marketing assets! Remember, images have the power to repel or entice guests, so don’t take photography lightly. Audit every image on your website, sales kits, marketing emails and ads. If they’re old, dark, grainy, pixilated, or fail to convey your property’s core message, then be ruthless and replace or delete them.

Even if you’re a gorgeous beachside resort, all it takes is ONE ugly property photo to convince someone not to stay with you. If you don’t have any beautiful images to replace them with, then it’s time to invest in an experienced hotel or real estate photographer.

Finally, make sure your images are consistent across the entire digital landscape. If consumers see different photos on OTAs than the ones they see on your site, they will be uncomfortable and surf off to your compset.

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