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Turn your guest’s business trip into a last-minute Christmas holiday

Business in the front, party in the back! How to entice your corporate guest to stay on after business is done

This year has been one of change and disruption, with businesses balancing worker shortages and hybrid working arrangements amid a strong travel spend bounce-back.

But amid the hustle and bustle of the year which for many has seen their businesses reboot and flourish in the post-COVID environment, many executives may have left their end-of-year-holiday planning to the last minute.

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Corporate Traveller Global Managing Director, Tom Walley

And this scenario, according to Corporate Traveller Global Managing Director, Tom Walley, has placed accommodation providers in a good position to attract corporate guests looking to tack a holiday onto the end of a December business trip.

Mr Walley said he has already seen more travellers choosing to blend their corporate trips with leisure this year with eager to travel again executives lengthening their stays to spend time with family, sightsee or relax and reset.

“In fact, our own booking data shows more business travellers have been taking extended trips this year,” he said.

“Domestic trips have increased to 3.09 days, compared with 1.1 in 2019, while international trips have averaged 8.7 days this year, compared with 3.4 in 2019.

“Business travel is fast-paced, and an individual’s final trip of the year is often filled with meetings and events – their last opportunities to network and generate sales.

“To make the most of their time travelling or capitalise on the wind-down after their corporate trip is completed, travellers may find it advantageous to add a holiday to the trip.”

Mr Walley says there are several ways hotel and accommodation providers can help corporate guests transition their work trip into a well-deserved holiday, particularly if they are organising it at the last minute and are working with a tight budget, due to the rising costs of living.

1. Offer discounts for long-term hotel stays

Hotels and other accommodation providers could consider offering discounts to corporates who extend their stay to help attract and increase bookings. Accommodation providers could direct staff to offer these enticing discounts to current or future business guests to entice them to take advantage. Offering complimentary or discounted access to some leisure facilities, such as the spa, could also further entice business travellers to extend their stay for a holiday.

2. Promote leisure facilities

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Business travel typically leaves no time spare for leisure activities – and travellers keep this in mind when booking accommodation. Business travellers looking to incorporate leisure in their trip will not want to forego the luxuries that accompany a hotel stay, from relaxing spa facilities to a pool and gym.

Accommodation providers could consider promoting their leisure facilities, including child-friendly facilities, such as supervised playrooms, to further entice business travellers to extend their stay with their family.

3. Offer facilities that make it easy to conduct work

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With much of the corporate workforce continuing to follow a hybrid working arrangement, guests may want to incorporate their remote working days into their holiday. Offering quiet workspaces, such as conference rooms, a strong WIFI connection and general office utilities, such as printing and photocopying facilities, will not only attract corporate travellers but will encourage them to extend their stay with a working holiday.

4. Permit guests to pay for their stay with points

Corporates may have a small budget for the leisure portion of their trip, particularly during the current climate of high costs.

Accommodation providers could consider partnering with frequent flyer programs to allow guests to use their rewards points to pay for their stay.

This will also entice travellers already staying at a provider for work to extend their stay for leisure using points. It is also important to make clear any dining options and other activities that may be redeemable through points to help attract longer stays.

5. Offer last-minute deals

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Accommodation providers could also consider offering last-minute deals on different platforms. This will not only attract more bookings, but also help bleisure travellers save on costs.



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