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5 Simple steps to ensure your property is well maintained

Op-Ed: Moteliers & small operators, there are many things you can DIY but always employ a qualified tradesperson for the major items

Introducing: Emily Stephens, accommodation operator and founder of The Accommodation Project

Ensuring your accommodation property is well maintained is an essential part of providing a high-quality product to sell.

It is an ongoing process as there will always be something to do and if not, there are general improvements that can be made.

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Here are five simple steps to help maintain your property and ensure your product is always looking and presenting it’s best

  1. Schedule regular maintenance checks on all guest rooms and facilities. This can include preventative maintenance measures such as cleaning air conditioner filters and cleaning scuff marks off the walls or patching small holes can save time and money down the road. Checking for leaking taps, door hinges that are loose, or light globes that are out will also help to keep guests satisfied with the presentation of the rooms.
  1. Make friends with the local tradespeople. Get to know the local tradespeople and who can help with different issues around the property. Have a list of their contact information for easy access in emergencies. Treat them with respect and pay the accounts on time. Maintaining a good relationship with the tradespeople will be extremely important when an urgent issue arises.
  1. Keep a maintenance log. Set up a spreadsheet with the room number, date, and equipment that was fixed or changed along with the tradesperson that completed the job. This will help when sourcing solutions to any problems and knowing if the product is still under warranty. Keeping a file of the receipts and warranties is also a good idea.
  1. Have a stocked store room. Having large and small replacement items easily on hand will be useful on a day-to-day basis as well as when emergencies arise. Being able to change a bed leg caster wheel when first noticed will prevent further damage to the carpet instead of having to wait to order or go to the hardware store.
  1. Communicate any upgrades or improvements. When undertaking improvements to the property it is important to ensure all guests are aware of the situation and if it will affect them. This includes any construction at neighboring properties. Guests arriving to see construction or works nearby can be easily put off if they are looking for a peaceful or relaxing stay. Clear and early communication can help avoid any unhappy guests.

There are many things you can DIY, however, please employ a qualified tradesperson for the major and important items such as structural changes, and electrical and plumbing issues.

An extra little tip would be to know where all of the main water and electrical points are located on the property.

Trust me, it’s good to know how to turn off the water to a room at 6 am on a Sunday to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse!

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