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Summer travel trends: What it means for the accommodation industry

Let's dive into new data from Expedia Group revealing trends and insights that could shape your business strategy this summer

As the summer of 2023/2024 rapidly approaches, the travel industry is buzzing with excitement and new data from Expedia Group sheds light on what we can expect in the coming months.

For those in the accommodation industry, this information is invaluable so let’s dive into the trends and insights that could shape your business strategy this summer:

Inbound travellers dominate from APAC

International travellers from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are leading the charge in inbound tourism to Australia. Japan has shown exceptional interest, with a staggering 110 percent increase in searches. South Korea follows closely behind with a 50 percent growth rate.

Not to be outdone, travellers from New Zealand and the United States have also increased their interest by 45 percent and 30 percent, respectively, with the United Kingdom not far behind.

Domestic travellers on the rise

Domestic travel within Australia is also on the upswing. However, what’s interesting is that the average length of stay has increased. In cities like Adelaide and Sydney, hotel length of stay has risen by 10 percent year-on-year. Brisbane and Perth are just behind, each experiencing a 5 percent increase.

Sydney: The summer hotspot

Sunny Sydney has claimed the top spot for both international and domestic travellers, with an impressive 35 percent increase in international searches and a 5 percent increase in domestic interest. It seems that as the weather warms up, Sydney transforms into a summer playground with its festivals, coastal walks, and unique experiences.

Other destinations gaining popularity

While Sydney takes the crown, other Australian cities are also gaining traction among international travellers. Melbourne has seen a 25 percent increase in searches, followed by the Gold Coast (15 percent), Brisbane (10 percent), and Perth (10 percent).

Key findings from Expedia’s ’24 Travel Trends Report

Expedia Group’s ’24 Travel Trends Report provides further insights that could shape your business strategies:

  1. Desire for Down Under: Australia ranks among the top travel destinations in 2024, fueled by pop-culture influences such as Baz Luhrmann’s “Faraway Downs” and the Mad Max prequel, “Furiosa.

  2. Destination Dupes: Perth is emerging as an alternative to the tourist hotspot, Sydney, with flight searches doubling year-on-year. Travelers are seeking more affordable alternatives.

  3. Alternate Occasions: Unique travel occasions like “Puppymoons,” “First-date-iversaries,” and retirement parties are growing in popularity. Almost one-third of travellers are planning trips with family and friends next year.

  4. Gen Gen AI: One-third of travellers are interested in using generative AI in the trip planning process.

Capturing the Demand

Micheal Dykes, Vice President, Market Management, Asia-Pacific at Expedia Group, highlighted the unique opportunity for local operators in Australia.

Michael Dykes, VP Market Management APAC, Expedia Group

He said: “With all eyes on Australia over the summer holidays and into the new year, local operators are in a unique position to capture and capitalise on this demand like never before. The stage is set for partners to start tailoring their offerings, ensuring they stand out in the competitive landscape and successfully meet the evolving demands of travellers seeking distinctive and memorable experiences.


As the summer of 2023/2024 approaches, the travel industry in Australia is poised for growth. For accommodation industry suppliers, understanding these trends and insights is crucial for crafting strategies that meet the evolving demands of travellers.

With Australia’s popularity as a travel destination on the rise, there’s never been a better time to seize the opportunity and make this summer one to remember for both your business and your guests.

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