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How water can grow an accommodation business

Many hotels are taking steps to reduce plastic waste by installing water bottle refill stations throughout their properties

Up to eight out of ten Australians fail to consume an adequate amount of water to maintain their optimal health.

This issue tends to worsen during travel, but the accommodation industry can play a significant role in mitigating dehydration while enhancing the image of their properties as comfortable places to stay.

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While quality bed linens, bathroom products, and luxury amenities contribute to the guest experience, the provision of cool, filtered water in various ways is a simple yet effective method to rejuvenate a property’s image and ensure guest loyalty.

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Although bottled water is a convenient way for guests to hydrate upon checking in to a property, the environmental impact of plastic bottles, often ending up in landfills or water bodies, cannot be ignored. Waterbox, an Australian-owned company marketing premium pH8 spring water, offers an environmentally friendly solution to the accommodation industry.

Waterbox Australia‘s director, Stefanie Mazzone, describes their water as “premium pH8 water sourced from an inactive volcano in Ballarat, Victoria,” naturally enriched with silica, magnesium, calcium and potassium, resulting in a smooth taste. Notably, their packaging is made from 88 percent renewable content, primarily sugar cane and wood fibre, with water-based ink, making it eco-friendly. Additionally, the cartons are refillable and used cartons are recycled into sustainable, low-carbon building materials, completing the cycle.

Waterbox also provides the option of “co-branding” on their water cartons, allowing hotels and resorts to enhance their marketing efforts by featuring their logo and name on the packaging, offering guests a premium, feel-good product.

Many hotels are taking steps to reduce plastic waste by installing water bottle refill stations throughout their properties.

By strategically placing water fountains in hotel lobbies, up to 96 percent of plastic waste can be eliminated while ensuring guests stay hydrated and refreshed during their stay. These fountains are designed not only for convenience but also to complement the overall ambiance of the lobby.

Some hotels take it a step further by offering water fountains on each floor, typically near elevators and ice machines, ensuring easy access to hydration for guests. Most accommodations with gym facilities also provide water fountains within them.

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In line with global trends, some Australian hotels are adopting a micro-drink hydration platform endorsed by tennis great Novak Djokovic, following the example of Marriott properties.

This product consists of compact, sugar-free effervescent flavour cubes designed to dissolve in water, infusing it with natural fruits, plants, and vitamins. The aim is to provide hotel guests with an experience that goes beyond hydration, leaving them with a pleasant taste of their stay.

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