Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Guest Facilities

Guest & Luggage Transport


With customer service being the main focus and priority for major resorts and other larger accommodation facilities to consider these days, we are seeing a greater increase in the amount of vehicles being purchased by various resorts, holiday villages, caravan parks and retirement communities to cater for their guests and luggage transportation requirements.

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BBQs – the key to everything outdoors

AMGAU49-GF-BBQs 300x225

In a recent report a leading accounting firm surveyed the travelling public to determine the issues that were of most interest to them when travelling around Australia. The 5000 respondents were drawn from a wide range of travellers ranging from the so-called grey nomads right through to business travellers.

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How far should you go?

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Location, views and other natural attributes may be part of your drawcard for tourists but what sets your resort, hotel, motel or B&B apart from the rest is largely in the guest facilities you provide.

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US trends show the way

Room Service

When the New York Hilton Midtown said it was dispensing with room service starting in August it caught both travellers and competitors a bit by surprise.

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New technology produces safe, clean water

Clean Water

For AIS company directors Kerry and Elena Gosse, the most popular response from prospective clients after learning their technology only needs fresh water and power to produce clean, sanitised, chlorinated water is, “you’re joking”.  

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Tips on Outdoor Entertaining Areas


Outdoor areas are nowadays shaded with sails, gazebos, pergolas, umbrellas and deck covers where underneath we experience carefully planned Asian influences, feng shui considerations, rest areas, meditation corners, water features, spas and pools, synthetic grass and outdoor dining areas that make outdoor areas interesting places to be.

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