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Strive Conference 2024: Setting new standards in Short-Term Rental Industry

Bart Sobies: "The Strive Conference was not only a hub for learning and networking but also a vital marketplace for forging substantial business deals."

This March, the Strive Conference once again affirmed its status as the essential event for the short-term rental industry.

Drawing an impressive international turnout of 200 participants from countries including Thailand, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

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The event has consistently set new benchmarks for the industry, evolving alongside the dynamic and expansive growth of the global STR market.

Strive to Thrive 2024

Cultivating a global community

Recent analyses indicate that the STR market is expected to surpass $228.9 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.8 percent from 2023 to 2030. This growth is driven by various factors including the rising demand for unique and extended stay experiences, facilitated by technological advancements in booking systems and property management (Vantage Market Research, 2023).

Starting as just an idea, the Strive Conference has blossomed into a premier global platform, mirroring the phenomenal growth of the STR industry which now supports an estimated $169.5 billion in economic output annually.

Strive to Thrive 2024

The conference is not just an event, but a confluence where industry professionals from across the world share ground breaking insights and forge lasting connections. It highlights the STR market’s critical role in enhancing global tourism, offering unique accommodations that cater to diverse traveller needs while providing substantial economic benefits to property owners and local communities.

A platform for sharing success and ideas

The conference sessions were meticulously designed to cover a broad spectrum of topics crucial for the success and advancement of the STR industry. From breaking traditional barriers in trade and business to innovative pricing strategies and the effective use of technology in operations, the sessions offered a deep dive into the elements that shape the industry.

Sam Steel, Founder of Resly, Speaker at Strive to Thrive 2024

Expert speakers, including leaders and pioneers of the STR market, shared their insights on guest communication strategies, brand building, leadership’s return on investment, and navigating the complexities of selling STR businesses.

Chris de Closey – Switch Hotel Solutions. Speaker at Strive to Thrive 2024

Industry titans in attendance

The conference also boasted attendance from major players in the STR landscape, including well-known entities such as MadeComfy and Alloggio, and prominent Online Travel Agencies like Agoda, Expedia, and Airbnb. The presence of these influential companies underscored the conference’s significance as a pivotal gathering for key industry stakeholders to discuss current challenges, explore new opportunities, and drive strategic advancements within the sector.

Yoav Tourel Speaker at Strive to Thrive 2024

Driving innovation

“The Strive Conference was not only a hub for learning and networking but also a vital marketplace for forging substantial business deals,” said Bart Sobies, founder of Strive.

Bart Sobies, founder of Strive to Thrive 2024

“Sponsors and suppliers from around the globe, including pioneering Australian software companies and international tech giants, came together, facilitating millions of dollars in transactions directly attributable to the event. This vibrant exchange underscored the conference’s role as a catalyst for commercial opportunities and partnerships, driving tangible growth and innovation across the STR industry.”

Not just a conference

Friendships Were Made That Will Last a Lifetime: Once again, the culinary and entertainment offerings at Strive 2024 were carefully interwoven to create a one-of-a-kind experience, reflecting the conference’s commitment to foster a fun environment.

Premium food selections met diverse tastes, while a DJ and comedian infused the atmosphere with energy, making networking not just productive but also delightful. This blend of fine dining and lively entertainment set the stage for informal connections and relaxed interactions, enhancing the overall participant experience. “Friendships were made that will last a lifetime,” added Mr. Sobies.

Switch Hotel Solutions Team at Strive to Thrive 2024

As the Strive Conference continues to grow, it promises more opportunities for innovation and professional development within the STR industry. With plans already underway for the 2025 conferences in Melbourne and Auckland, the community can look forward to another year of impactful gatherings that foster learning, connection, and celebration.

About Strive Conference

The Strive Conference remains one of the leading events for the short-term rental industry, bringing together owners, managers, and experts from around the world. It is dedicated to advancing innovation, facilitating knowledge exchange, and enhancing networking within the STR sector.

Guesty Team at Strive to Thrive 2024
Strive to Thrive 2024
Strive to Thrive 2024

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