Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Guest Facilities

On fire alert: what makes your property prepared?

We all saw bushfires in the news this weekend: you can never be too careful when it comes to fire safety. Nobody wants their property hitting the headlines because of fire hazards they could've avoided. So, here’s a list of handy tips and information...

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How to make your hotel family friendly

According to the Holiday Inn Resort, family holidays are the perfect opportunity for kids to “explore new destinations, make friends, and rediscover what it means to have fun”. Accomnews looked at some of the ways hotels are making themselves accessible to families, as well as how they can accommodate for all guests and generations under the one roof.

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Guest requests & what’s behind the desk

It’s common for guests to forget or misplace personal items while travelling, and often the first place they turn to is hotel reception – but where should hotels draw the line with personal guest supplies, and how much can guests really expect to get for free? AccomNews asked both budget and luxury hotels what items reception should have on hand.

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How can you impress with good public washroom facilities?

Never make the mistake of underestimating the power of your public washroom facility! Often overlooked, under-appreciated and ill-equipped, let’s face it they are usually the last facility that gets a face-lift and the least thought-through. Ironically though, they are often the first and last facility guests will use in your accommodation and yes, they can make or break a guest …

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Wooing guests with aromas worth remembering

A recent visit to Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort in Abu Dhabi reminded me just how opulent and on point guest amenities can be.  The smallest of details can delight a details-focussed guest like myself. Gazing around my oasis chamber, I caught sight of my ‘soap menu’. The height of thoughtfulness, I thought, and what was truly revolutionary for me …

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Creating a water park: white knuckle or lazy days?

Australia is renowned for the outdoor holiday experiences made available because of its unique and beautiful environment. Adventurous families especially enjoy activities that everyone can participate in and a water park can provide a welcome addition to any idyllic family holiday. Why do families love water parks? Simply because there is something fun for all the family – appealing to …

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